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Monica Encarnacion

Monica Encarnacion is a homeschool mom and connected educator with over two decades of experience teaching children in a variety of capacities and across a wide range of grades. Monica holds a Master of Science in Education (Childhood Education) from St. John University and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English from Queens College.


As a 4.0 Tiny Fellow she founded Homeschool STEAM in 2024. 

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"Education should not be one size fits all. Our kids are gardens, not assembly lines. Let's nurture their unique blooms and watch them flourish" ~Monica Encarancion

Monica's Story 

Monica Encarnacion, founder of Homeschool STEAM, is a passionate educator with over 20 years of experience. As a homeschooling mom with an education background, she noticed a gap in the local homeschool community when it came to STEAM learning opportunities, pariticularly in computer science, and robotics. Determined to meet her own son's needs, she sought out a local robotics team associated with a local charter school, and her son thrived. Inspired by this success she launched Homeschool STEAM.


Monica's experience as a former technology teacher equipped her with a maker mindset and further inspired her to create Homeschool STEAM as a way to support the homeschool learning community and bring more opportunities for kids to learn through play and exploration. Monica hopes to make learning fun, more self-directed, project-based, and hands-on for kids of all ages, while empowering families to guide their child's unique learning path. What better way to build tomorrow's innovators today, than by supporting them in the development of important life skills like independence, resilience and creativity! Monica believes that "education should not be one size fits all. Our kids are not assembly lines. Let's nurture their unique blooms and watch them flourish." 

Fueled by a lifelong passion for educational equity and a belief in the power of community, Monica, a 4.0 Tiny Fellow graduate, secured strategic partnerships and successfully piloted her Homeschool STEAM Fest initiative in April 2024. Hosted at the beautiful Mosiac Center for Nature, Exploration, Science and Technology, also known as "The Nest" at Robinson Presreve, a community education space for everyone from preschool to life long learners, this FREE family-friendly event was a true dream come true and a resounding success with over 80 families participating.

Building on this success, Homeschool STEAM Fest is poised to become a popular STEAM festival designed to ignite young minds through immersive, hands-on learning experiences focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) fields. By fostering a vibrant community for passionate STEAM-loving homeschooling families, the initiative seeks to empower homeschooled children to become tomorrow's innovators. Through continuous learning and active engagement with the homeschooling community, this festival is designed to cater to diverse learning styles, interests, and accessibility needs. Ultimately, Homeschool STEAM strives to create a space where homeschooled children can thrive, connect with peers, and develop the skills and confidence to become well-rounded, empowered global citizens.

Monica isn't stopping at the festival's success! She's actively developing new programs and forging new partnerships as as part of Homeschool STEAM to further meet the needs of the local homeschooling community. With the goal of establishing an impactful non-profit organization, Monica is currently securing additional funding, assembling a passionate board of directors, and building an advisory board with key players and community members.


But Monica's dedication extends beyond work. When she's not dreaming up new and exciting education ventures, you can find her enjoying quality time on the beach with her two energetic kids and her uber-supportive husband, proving you can be a powerhouse and a beach bum – all at once!

More about monica

Monica is also a digital parenting expert and content creator. Through her family lifestyle tech and travel blog,, she empowers families to navigate the ever-changing world of technology. Her unique perspective as a curiosity cultivator and mom of two allows her to effectively support kids and families in the digital age.

As a long-time contributor to Common Sense Media, Monica is a contracted writer of expert media reviews for educational apps, children's books, and TV shows, providing families with age-based ratings and expert advice so they can feel good about the entertainment choices they make for their kids.


Her past work as a Guest Blogger for Common Sense Media / Common Sense Latino (content in Spanish) played a vital role in strengthen the existing Common Sense Latino content library on the topics of digital learning and home-school connection for Spanish speaking families. Through her experiences as a bilingual educator, Monica was able to present Latino parents with the best expert advice, helpful tools, and resources to support families as they navigate the challenges and possibilities of raising Spanish-speaking kids.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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